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Tough Times Never Last But Tough People do!

“TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST BOUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO.” Robert H. Schuller. Robert H. Schuller wrote this statement years ago but oh my, have I ever found it more relevant than today? Friends we are living in unprecedented, unpredictable times. Bad news seem to outweigh good news on a daily and one can be excused for […]


I have a few questions for you. Are you having the quality of life that you want? Are you producing the kind of results that you want in your life, your job, your career, or your business? If you are, CONGRATULATIONS! You have created your ideal life. Keep doing what you are doing and teach […]

Tide Ventures and Jump Movement present; Engaged Team session

Keeping your team Focused, connected and Engaged session (online!) Building a successful team takes work, communication and understanding that can be hard even during the best of times. We are now living in unprecedented times with the Covid 19 pandemic that is leaving many organizations standing on shaky ground, with massive changes as business premises […]


What would your life look like if you could radically and positively transform your mindset and break your limits in every aspect of your life? Your Habits Your friendships Your Education Your Health Your spiritual life Your fun Your community In this four months program, we’ll help you create meaning, purpose and design the life […]

Mission and Values – Keys to staff Engagement

My staff are just not moving. I don’t seem to get the kind of staff with the right work ethics. My employees don’t communicate effectively. My employees don’t go out of their way for the organization to succeed. My employees are Un, Un, Un…unreliable, untrustworthy, unprofessional, un…! Are some of these complaints resonating with your […]

Open and Honest Communication –the key to Staff Engagement

Open and Honest communication is the foundation of employee engagement as it’s linked to trust. You may short cut any other element of staff engagement but I haven’t seen an organization do well at staff engagement that hasn’t focused on effective open and honest communication. No one trusts us when we lie. That’s a fact. […]