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Here is a new DAWN for you and me. A brand new year and new decade.

Take a moment to review the year 2019 but let it be just that – a moment of review!
Don’t dwell on what has already gone by. It’s in the past. Instead, move powerfully into the new year and new decade. Here it comes, and with it, your new opportunity to accomplish all your dreams.


It’s time to pick out lessons learned, shake off the dust, celebrate your wins and move on. An open, clean slate is waiting for you to write your 2020’s on it. This is your chance to choose to design your new year and new decade powerfully.
You are capable of achieving those great, brilliant goals that you always think about and then dismiss as too hard to achieve without even making the effort.

Choose to take the actions that need to be taken, Invest your time and resources to learn and to grow so that at the end of this year and finally at the end of the decade, you will be proud to say ‘I played full out and here are the results’.
Without a shadow of a doubt, once you play full out, learn from your failures, fall forward, not give up, ask for help, seek a mentor or get a coach, your vision is yours to possess!


But first, what is that VISION you want to accomplish?
Do you have your vision clear?
Do you know what you want?
Are you taking 100% responsibility for your life?

Or are you blaming circumstances, government, your employer, your spouse, your parents, your school- and of course the greatest culprit of them all – the devil, for all your failures, even failure to try?

The choice is yours. There has never been a better time than right now!!!

Get out a journal or note book right now and write down your vision.



Answer the question; ‘what, if my life was to be exactly as I want it to be in the year 2020, how would it look like to me? How would I feel about myself? How much money would I be making/saving/investing each month? What kind of work would I be doing?

Once you clarify your vision, then define the steps that it will take for you to get to your vision.

Break down the vision to a mission and then to achievable goals that align with your overall vision.

Say NO to just waking up without a plan only to follow the flow.
Say NO to doing what others have defined for you because you have no plan of your own.
It’s your life. Now is your time. Stand up and move forward.
Love who you are and believe in what you are able to do.
Then do it. Stop just thinking about it, planning to do it, talking about it- do it.
In the end, only action brings results!

Above all, remember that God loves you and is on your side and ever so ready to bless you.


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