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Stay at home has become the globally understood language. It’s like we’ve suddenly become children from one village, one tribe, in fact children from one mother playing in the compound and the game is ‘stay at home’.
Stay at home and we all understand. No explanation needed, it’s clear- there is danger out there. So, stay at home where it is safe.
However, looking at it deeply, I can’t help but wonder, ‘were we actually at home in the first place for us to be able to safely stay at home?
Home being a place of safety, of peace, of warmth.
Home being a place where we are loved and accepted as who we are and where we allow ourselves to be loved and we give love.
Home being a place where we are nurtured and we nurture others.
Home being a ground where we are planted to sprout, bud, bloom and blossom.
Were we at home in the first place emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically.

Did we allow ourselves to be and to show up in our power and greatness, embracing the might that is in us and taking on the world from the place of ‘I can’.
Many of us have allowed limiting beliefs to overtake and overrule us.

We have believed those who doubted us more than those who believed in us.
We have believed the toxic environment, the careless comments from parents, teachers or friends to limit our view ourselves.
We have handed our power to other people, clearly the people who don’t deserve it. And we have given up on ourselves and abandoned our own journey of growing into our best version. We have become passengers in the vehicle of our own lives without caring to choose who is in the driver’s seat.
In this stay at home season, I want to invite you to ‘find your home’.

What is that home you are staying at?
Are you sitting in the house and nursing your self-doubt and self hate?
How harmful can it get to just sit at home with a person you don’t appreciate, doubt, and don’t love for so many days?
How bad can it get to know that that unappreciated, unloved, entrusted person by you, is you?
My call to you is that this is your time to meet you.

The real you in your power and greatness.
The real you in your beauty.
The real you with your imperfections yet deserving of compensation, love and trust.
The real you who is capable of accomplishing so much but have sabotaged yourself for so long that your purpose is still waiting for you to live in it.
Meet you my friend and fall in love with you.
Tell yourself ‘I love and appreciate myself unconditionally and I commit to grow myself to live at my highest God given potential.’
We need you to step in your power and serve your life and the world.
God is waiting to use that potential, the talents, the charisma, the skills for the better of the world if only you could embrace you!

So while the world waits at home, I trust you and I will find our home in God and deep within us and be so centred and unshakable that we may then be launched or relaunched powerfully when all this is over.
I love you, I trust you and I believe in you.

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