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If you are reading this, you have made it! You are alive! 

Honestly, this is a Christmas like no other, crowning a year like no other.

Taking you back through memory lane, Christmas 2019 was so full of anticipation. We surely didn’t see this coming, did you? Personally, I didn’t. The prophecies surrounding the year 2020 were offering a year of double double- which ended up being a year of double trouble!

But here we are and the year is coming to an end. And truly, if you are reading this, you are alive and where there is life, there is hope. Now you have a choice to make about how to walk out of 2020. You could let the events of this past year disempower you or you could choose a different response – and find your power in everything that you have survived, all of the good experiences that you have had and all of the ways you managed to thrive this year despite the challenges. 

What are the positive things that happened to you this year? When you focus on the positive, positive things expand in your life.

We have been tested and proven. We have been proven to be resilient, strong and powerful. Most of all, we have been proven to stand together- apart! We have surrounded one another even in isolation. We have reinvented ourselves, taken to zoom, just so we stay connected to one another. 

Through it all, we have continued to stand and for that, there is a lot of reason to celebrate.

Whichever way you celebrate Christmas, please take time and do so. We may not gather with extended family, we may not have parties, we need to keep each other safe- yet Christmas has neither been cancelled nor postponed. So celebrate!

Remember Christmas marks setting in time. Please reflect on your life as from last Christmas until now. 

  • What have you been through- Really, what just hit us?
  • How did you go through it all?
  • Reflect on your strengths.
  • What approaches did you use to go through the challenges?
  • Suppose you applied the same approaches in other areas of your life, how far would you go?
  • Reflect on your relationships. Who are the people that have surrounded you- even apart? How are you cultivating these relationships?
  • Reflect on what you have learnt. The year 2020 has been full of lessons. What have you learnt?

Strategize for the future and strategize knowingly-not as naïve as we were last year! New opportunities have come with the pandemic for example remote working. How are you positioning yourself to benefit from them?

Who do you want to become in the coming year? What skills do you need to acquire in order to attract the opportunities you need?

While deciding on what you want to attract is key, deciding what you want to remove from your life is as important. Whether it is a time-waster, people that don’t add value, things on which you spend money yet are not necessary. What do you want to cut out of your life in the coming year?

Most importantly, celebrate life intentionally and continuously and the time to start is NOW!

YESTERDAY is gone.

TOMORROW is no assured

TODAY is what we have.

So stop waiting and celebrate NOW!

Let us trust God for a better year but while waiting for it to get better let us continue thanking God for the life that we have.


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