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Are you out of work?

Are your children out of school?

Are you, a relative or friend suffering from the covid-19 virus?

Are you there, lost in the uncertainty and the disruption brought about by the covid-19 virus?

Are you living in worry, wonder and waiting for the season after covid-19 to pick up your life?

As Scientists and researchers work round the clock looking for solutions to bring to an end the season that has brought with it the greatest uncertainty any of us has ever seen, Humans throughout the globe continue to face lockdowns and restrictions that keep changing by the day. Many have feared, complained and are frustrated by the events of the pandemic yet some businesses have literally emerged in the midst of it all.

Actor Nick Nolte once said, “Nobody likes to change. There will always be resistance to change, and there always will be change. And the quicker you get to that, the easier it is. It’s not such a difficult thing. If you entrench yourself and go, ‘By God, I will not change. I will not have this.’ Then, you’re a dead man.”

Covid-19 and its effects has taught us that while we can’t choose what happens to us, we can choose how we react to the happenings.

It’s time to stop waiting for after covid-19 and start embracing the new season and take full responsibility to safeguard our lives and the future of our children. It takes more courage to do the things we are afraid of than those that we are accustomed to and now is the time to stop living in fear, embrace our full potential and discover the opportunities that have come with the pandemic.

Here are 3 things we could choose to do:  

  • Break away from fear of change

It is important to recognize that change is so inevitable and we must live our lives ready to adapt to the always-to-be-expected unforeseeable (good or bad) conditions of life. Facing fear can work to your advantage.

Allow yourself to feel the fear and do it anyway. Then as you break through it, the freedom you experience will show you that somehow, in some way, you have let its energy serve you. Decide today to break away from fear and embrace the new season.

  • Embrace the normal and live it

Have you been postponing making decisions waiting for things to get better? Engage the modern day tools to do that work, to engage with members of family, to talk to that friend, to make that business deal. Always remember that wherever you are right now is exactly where you need to be and live in that space. Don’t be limited by what should have happened had things been the same as past because you have no control over that. Open up to what’s available to you today.

  • Find new ways of doing what you love and celebrate your success.

Recognising that there are many ways of going forward is the beginning of innovation. We cannot afford to sit still and wait.

We have the ability to work with change and cause new things to happen for good. Let us find new ways of working and celebrate the successes we make along the way.

Let us not give fear more power than it deserves. Even when we feel afraid, let’s do it anyway!

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