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As we deal with the post pandemic as well as global economic crisis, we are quickly realizing
this is not just the usual alarmists. Many of us are dealing with a fear of what next and there is
justifiable cause for fear. By now, we are realizing that probably this is more than False
Evidence Appearing Real. From the life threatening pandemic, to very high inflation that is
making it difficult for people to meet their family basic needs many have given in to fear and no
one can blame you for dealing with fear at this time.
So first let’s take a reality check.
• Are you out of work?
• Is your business failing to meet its overheads?
• Are you not making profit in your business?
• Are you worried about a possibility of a downsizing in your organization?
• Are you unable to fuel your car due to the escalating fuel prices?
• Are you finding it hard to meet your families basic needs later on continue living at the same
standard of living that you did before?
• Are you living in worry, wonder and waiting for the post pandemic, post inflation, post Russian
war and post every threat before you start living a full life again?
Break away from fear and take action.
It is important to recognize that we may have to live with the changes that have happened in the
world recent time for quite some time. COVID19 shook the world and its effects plus the threat
of another wave are with us – for quiet sometime. The as if in conspiracy with the devils inflation
quickly gets in and makes it difficult for individuals and families to meet their day to day needs.
While these things have happened and we have no control over them, we actually have control
over how we react to them. We must live our lives ready to adapt to the always-to-be-expected
unforeseeable (good or bad) conditions of life.

While the recent events are no ordinary events and no one should lie to you that they haven’t
been caught off guard, the people who are willing to face their fears and work through them and
move forward are the ones that are continuing to thrive.
Facing your fear can work to your advantage. Allow yourself to feel the fear and take action
anyway. Then as you break through it, the freedom you experience will show you that
somehow, in some way, you have let its energy serve you. Decide today to break away from
fear and embrace the new season.
Realize that worrying is negative goal setting.
What you focus on expands. When you spend so much energy on what could go wrong, what
you can’t do, what you don’t have, what you dread and every negative thing possible, you drain
your energy and take away your time, focus, energy and possibility of creating a different reality
for yourself.
It’s like going to a church where they focus on talking about the devil, fighting the devil, being
aware of the devil and everything possible about the devil. Would you not wonder in such a
case if you actually came to learn about the devil instead of Jesus Christ? In the same way, why
not wonder if you wake up every day to feed your fears or your goals.
Do you actually still have goals and do you still believe they are possible? What are you exalting
in your life? Fear or Victory? I have been blessed to associate with a number of hard working,
focused, goal oriented people in business and I have fed on their energy as I have shared my
own energy and strengths with them. In the end, we all can’t believe what we have been able to
achieve throughout the pandemic until now. Not because we have any super connections, tall
relatives or anything you don’t have but through the power of focus, clear goals and networking.
You too can do it.
Recognize that some fear is sometimes valuable.
While it’s not okay to dwell on fear and worry and anxiety, it’s okay to acknowledge when you
actually feel fearful of a certain situation.
There are times when fear is a source of information for what to avoid or what to walk away
from. Other times it may be a warning about what information or what resources you need to
have in order for you to succeed in your next move. We cannot discard our fears but we must
not let fear rule us. We must not spend so much time on our fears.
Fear can paralyze you and cause you to not take the necessary actions robbing you of any
possibility of meeting your goals.
SO let’s take another reality check.
• If you were not afraid at this time in your life, what would you do?
• How do you scare yourself from taking action- what do you tell yourself could happen if you
• How much time do you spend telling yourself what could go wrong versus the time you spend
working on your dream?

• If you spent more time thinking about the solution than the problem, what would be the solution
to your major problem right now?
• If you could cut anything out of your expenditure, what would it be?
It’s time to stop waiting for life after covid-19 or after inflation or anything else you are wishing
away and start embracing the new season. Take full responsibility to safeguard your life and
your future but whatever you do, do not stop taking action towards your goal. Now is the time to
stop living in fear, embrace our full potential and discover the opportunities that have come with
the pandemic.
Here are some things you may consider in order to break away from your fears.
• Increase your self-awareness. Why do you do the things you do the way you do them?
• Evaluate what is actually scaring you right now? How much of what is scaring you real or how
much of it is assumed or exaggerated?
• What new opportunities or new possibilities exist for you in this season if only you could stop
wallowing in fear?
Let us not give fear more power than it deserves. Even when we feel afraid, let’s take action anyway.

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