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We are living at a time when we have come face to face with our own limitations as humans and have had to get locked up in our homes to reflect on what is important and what really matters to us.

In this season of the nasty Corona virus, the real question needs real answers; what really matters most in this period? Could it be that that, which matters most to you now is what actually matters most in your life?

What do you find that you are most deprived of in this lockdown season? Is it the freedom to be and to connect? The power to freely move, do, and work? Is it the comfort of knowing you can provide for your family with your proudly earned resources? Or could it be that physical touch? Is it friendly gatherings? Or the platform where you can Express yourself to a room full of people?

Whatever it is, this is the time to get to the core of what really matters to us in this life. This season has also made one thing clear- ‘we have one life’. Spend it well.

While most of us most of the time have worked hard and run after wealth, this period has also put into perspective what we really need: a roof over our heads, food, and water to wash our hands- oh, and hand sanitizer!!! But most importantly, our people.
Now this is not too much to ask.
I doubt we ever needed to stress, to betray, to judge, to steal, even to kill just to get more wealth when all we ever needed was shelter, food and water, and the peace of knowing our family is safe.

This season will end. And the doors will open again. The sun will shine and the flowers will bloom and blossom. The streets will be gleeful again, the people will be noisy and the entertainment clubs will open again. Still a question lingers;
Will you step into the hereafter as the same person with the same selfish drive for your daily living or are you allowing yourself to be renewed and remolded by this period so that you may be driven by that which really matters.

Here is the menue; the stress of seeking unending wealth or the peace of seeking simplicity and true connection with the people that really matter and caring to make this world a better place. Or what else? Feel free to add to the menu as long as you don’t cause stress!
The choice is yours.

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