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6 Tips To Help You Thrive In The Face of Challenges

Tips to thrive

VIPI? How are you, my friend? No, I don’t mean the standard “how are you” greeting which calls for standard “fine” I mean the kind that looks you right in the eyes and asks the question, expecting a genuine, thoughtful answer. So, HOW ARE YOU? We have gone through a lot. A lot has happened, […]

Executive Administrator

Are you qualified and skilled to take up the role of an Executive Administrator in a busy financial establishment? Our client, an established tax consultancy firm based in Kampala, Uganda is seeking to recruit you to support its team in carrying out the following roles for the smooth-running of its business: Providing administrative support to the Senior Managers […]


As we deal with the post pandemic as well as global economic crisis, we are quickly realizingthis is not just the usual alarmists. Many of us are dealing with a fear of what next and there isjustifiable cause for fear. By now, we are realizing that probably this is more than FalseEvidence Appearing Real. From […]


LESSONS FROM THE HARD KNOCKS An enabling mindset is that thinking pattern that leads you to feel strong, to think in a focused, open minded and flexible manner, to take responsibility for your well-being and your actions and to act powerfully and effectively no matter the circumstances.  Look at what is surrounding us! WE HAVE […]

Do it in spite of the fear.

Are you out of work? Are your children out of school? Are you, a relative or friend suffering from the covid-19 virus? Are you there, lost in the uncertainty and the disruption brought about by the covid-19 virus? Are you living in worry, wonder and waiting for the season after covid-19 to pick up your […]


Today we stand at that unique point of the year 2021. We are exactly half-way through the year. Already! Congratulations! You’ve Made it! It’s not one to be described as an easy blissful one yet it’s one that presents us with the many opportunities. You ask how? Because it presents many challenges and challenges need […]

Job Title: Head of Finance

Job Advert - Windle International Uganda.

Our client, a UNHCR implementing partner, is seeking to recruit a Head of Finance. This position is responsible for coordinating the strategic activities of the finance function; and managing organizational resources in line with organizational policies and procedures.
The Head of Finance shall also be responsible for preparing and monitoring budgets ensuring that expenditure is in conformity with approved grant/donor agreements. S/he will set up and refine financial systems and procedures; that enhance efficient use of funds within approved budget lines and good Financial Management practice. He/She will lead a team that consists of over 20 employees based at the Head Office and at the various Field Locations across the country. The Head of Finance is a member of the Senior Management Team.

Employees Could Mess up my Vision – A major Employer’s worry.

Before we get deep into this worry, first let’s get clear on what a VISION really is. To sum up what many professionals have defined VISION to be;  A company’s vision reveals, at the highest levels, what an organization most hopes to be and achieve in the long term. It focuses on tomorrow and what […]