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Friends we are living in a historic moment- in fact we are part of history…unfortunate as it is.

The next generations will read about covid 19 and how it got everyone hiding in their houses regardless of who they were or how much money they had in their bank accounts.

They will read about this covid thing that was never a respecter of persons or titles.

The time when having a bicycle was better than owning a private jet because at least you could ride your bicycle but no planes flew in the sky.

A time when cars forgot about being on the road, the time when we all hid inside for safety.

But whether there will be a next generation to read about this or not depends on the choices you and I will make in the fight against this pandemic.

I know, we have had a history of playing the blame game…oh the government didn’t do the right thing, the leaders didn’t do anything, the money was not released to pay for this and for that!
My friend, this calls for you and I to get up and fight this evil.

Actually taking responsibility is not our thing- if you get what I mean. We’ll say, ‘the glass got broken.’ Never ‘I broke the glass.’!
Oh even worse, we’ll find someone or something else to blame but us.

But let me tell you. A time has come when we must step out of our cultural, egotistical or any kind of social orientations and limitations to take 100% responsibility for our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our society. This is a fight we are going to have to fight personally.
You have 100% responsibility for how you emerge out of this situation.

Government will avail us with information, they will get ready for as many emergency cases as possible and they’ll provide medication and hopefully a vaccine one day.

However, that’s not what will defeat covid 19.
What will defeat this virus is the power of mindset.

We have 100% responsibility of who we choose to become and what results we produce in our lives. That includes how we protect ourselves and our loved ones from the pandemic of covid 19.

Judging by past social behaviour, as a Ugandan, here is a scenario;

1. You find a log on the road, and as long as you can jump over it or go around it, it’s okay. You’ll not invest any extra effort to remove it thinking of the next road user.
2. A water pipe bursts somewhere near your home or on the road side but as long as you can jump over, that’s not your problem. Actually you’ll hear shameless statements like ‘it’s not yet metered. It’s for national water not ours.’
As long as it doesn’t directly affect you, it’s not a problem.

Now let me tell you a secret; covid 19 is a problem. Period.

We need to take the precautions serious.
If they say stay home then stay home.
Wear a mask when you are going to be in public
Keep a safe distance
Be your brother and sister’s keeper. Be mindful of others and act according to guidelines.

This is not a battle that belongs to government.
This is a battle that we must take on personally, individually doing our part so that we can win together.
Government will not follow you to wash your hands.
Unfortunately the government is spending so much money enforcing guidelines which we should be willingly carrying on or even promoting.

Let me remind you: when you get infected- it’s not government, it’s you.
When you die of the infection or lose a loved one, it’s not government, it’s you.
When you infect your family, its not government, it’s you.

Therefore let’s act responsibly. Taking care of our safety but most importantly ensuring we protect those around us- because we care.

2 Timothy 1:7, ‘God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of sound mind’

May we use the spirit of power, of love and sound mind to make the right judgement and to care for and protect one another.

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