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Recruitment and Induction

Staff Engagement, Commitment and overall organizational performance is made or broken right at the recruitment and induction level. Using our modern tested and proven tools to source, interview and induct your staff, we support you onboard your new team members in a way that makes them feel valued, supported and enabled so they get committed to pursue becoming better and better each day and to stretch their own performance and their own growth. It’s not just about who you bring into your company, it’s about how you set them up for success that affects the overall team and organizational performance and growth

Online Team Engagement Session

This 2 hour 30 minute session is offered in partnership with Jump Movement Netherlands (www.jumpmovement.com). It is a low cost-high impact session conducted via zoom that will leave your team focused, connected and engaged.

Live Team Engagement Seminars

Our live seminars are offered in packages of 1 day, 2 days or 3 days seminars. We handle a variety of topics tailored to your need. This program will leave your team able to;

  • Take 100% responsibility for their results
  • Be clear about the Organizational Mission and work towards it without needing to be pushed.
  • Clarify their personal mission, vision and goals.
  • Be clear how the accomplishment of the organizational mission, vision and goals relates to how they accomplish their own personal goals.
  • Understand commitment and love to honour their word.
  • Transform your company culture into a winning culture.
  • Communicate effectively
  • Utilize feedback for personal growth
  • Be willing to step out of their comfort zone, take risk and expand themselves and the company.

The overall impact of these programs is to create a highly engaged, highly driven team that can be trusted to think and act like they own the company.

Virtual Youth Mentorship program

Our virtual youth mentorship program aims at supporting the teenagers and youth to discover their authentic power and greatness, focus their youthful energy on positive personal development and make safe choices.

This is a four week fun filled-growth oriented program offered online and has clients both locally and internationally.

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Edidah Mpumwire T.

Edidah Mpumwire T. is a Ugandan Transformational speaker, Corporate trainer, Family Counselor and an Entrepreneur.

She is a graduate of Literature from Makerere University and holds a Masters Degree in Management from Uganda Management Institute.

Her calling is to cause every individual, relationship and organization to operate and perform at their optimum level.

Edidah Mpumwire T. supports this through her transformational training and mentorship programs.

Edidah Mpumwire T. founded Rising Hope Foundation in Uganda, an NGO that mentors the youth in school and helps raise school fees for poor children. She donates all profit from a book she authored, I Have A Dream, to children struggling to raise school fees.

Edidah Mpumwire T. is married and has two amazing daughters…